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About Us
 We love golden retrievers.

We love them in all of the seasons of their life.

When they are puppies we love them for the promise and hope they hold.
For the curiosity and boldness they possess. For the cleverness they show when learning about life. We love them for their playfulness and all their antics that make us laugh. And of course we love them for those precious puppy kisses they so willing share.

As they grow we love them for their intelligence and their willingness to please. We love them for knowing us. For always giving us what we need: When we are happy they run and jump and play. When we are angry they give us space. When we are sad they gently love us through our sorrow. We love them for never giving up on us. We love them for their strength and for their tenderness.

When they grow older we love them because they never believe they are old. We love them when their faces turn grey and their hearts stay young. We love them because it is an honor to take care of them.

We love them because they are beautiful. We love them because they are thinkers. We love them because they love us. They make our lives so much more than they could have been.

And when they can no longer be with us on this side of heaven and the hurt and pain is too strong to express, we love them for the sweet memories they have left behind.

And because we love them we strive to give them the very best we have. We believe this shows in our breeding, training and homing of these amazing goldens.



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